Wednesday, May 19, 2010


Today started off badly in terms of my ADD. When it starts this way, the whole day is off. First, I went to the doctor who noted that my white long pants were covered with what looked like blood, but was really lipstick. How did that happen? I really don’t know. So before going to my office, I changed my pants, and then went to buy coffee. So far, not so bad until I reached my office, started to drink my coffee, and found that the top was not securely on. So after spilling my coffee all over me, I went to my car and got a Diet Coke. I dropped it on the ground, and the can exploded and got all over my clothes. I expected a client so couldn’t go home. I washed my clothes off as much as possible, but still had to explain myself to my clients. Thank God most of them were ADDers! Finally, I finally decided to write this blog, when I realized that I had left my computer at the coffee shop. Fortunately, it was found and I retrieved it. But what a day!.

Have you adult ADDers ever had a totally messed up day like I did?

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