Thursday, May 20, 2010


I haven’t written a blog for a while since I had to move offices.

I’m successful coaching ADDers on organizational skills. However, since I also am an ADDer and don’t take stimulants, I had to apply the same strategies to myself. What a job to organize files, papers, articles and other stuff that had accumulated over a decade! If there is anything more tedious let me know.

I had to figure out a moving plan. No wonder ADDers like myself have trouble organizing. It took forever. I knew the moving date and tried to work systematically towards it , but it was tough. First I threw out many things I had stored, and never used(It was painful). I then removed old client files and stored them elsewhere. I set up a box for recent articles and gave away lots of stuff, such as a desk, microwave and fridge. This was just the beginning. I was tempted to throw away everything including furniture, but I stuck to the plan, and ultimately was ready for the movers.

I hope other ADDers who have a future task which seems too tedious to do will learn, as I did, not to give up , but to stick to a systematic plan. Having a definite deadline helped, of course.

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