Sunday, June 27, 2010


In general, that is the case. While there are many positive aspects of an ADD brain style, one serious difficulty involves initiating and completing tedious tasks. Usually negative consequences are more effective than positive ones. Why? Because tasks completed at the 11th. hour are more arousing than positive rewards.

While in school under teachers’ and parents’ control, ADDers comply because negative consequences are implemented. However, when self- directed, often there are no obvious negative contingencies, and ADDers can’t generate them unless they are very creative.

Recently, during a coaching session, we both had trouble finding a negative consequence that would enhance the clients arousal level. So she is attempting to use a positive reward. Will it work? I doubt it, but I will find out. In the meantime, I ‘m still trying to be creative in finding a negative contingency for her to complete the task.

As an adult ADDer, do you find that positive consequences are effective for initiating and completing tedious tasks?

June Kaufman, Ph.D.

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