Friday, April 9, 2010


In coaching and counseling families with an AD(H)D member, I’ve become increasingly aware that many ( even the ADHDer himself) is unaware of the characteristics and pervasiveness of his brain style in all contexts. For example, some ADHDers take stimulant medication to focus better at work. But often their families and friends complain about associated behaviors such as procrastination, poor listening skills, forgetfulness, interrupting social conversations, and lack of efficient time management. These and other behaviors are not separate from ADHD. Yet I hear many people say” I know he has AD(H)D, but apart from that, he has many annoying characteristics”. Interestingly, they don’t realize that many of the disturbing behaviors are in fact typical of ADHD and are not separate problems. Also, these behaviors occur in all contexts, not just at work or in social settings. Often, the ADHDer himself is unaware of all the associated behaviors and the impact they have on others.

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