Monday, March 16, 2009

Local ADD Coaching

I mainly do local coaching of AD(H)D adolescents and adults in Atlanta. The usual method of coaching is to arrange a first appointment, and set up regular phone calls to provide strategies and goals, and to track the rate of progress. Because many clients live in the Atlanta area, they can easily come to my office and make periodic visits. The face to face visits are invaluable, because, as a clinical psychologist, information is given to me in person. I can read the nonverbal cues, and learn about other serious problems affecting the ADDer's status.

As an example, I was coaching a man who began to talk about his lack of intimacy with his wife and his resulting loneliness. As clinicians, we usually talk about the impact ADD has on the relationship with others. But equally important is the impact that the significant other's problems have on the ADDer's life. I intend to meet the spouse of this man to better understand the whole system, so as to help sort out ADD from other issues.

Do you feel that coaching by phone, without face to face interactions, is sufficient to provide information about the ADDer's clinical picture, including factors in his present context impacting him?

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