Tuesday, March 3, 2009


I have adult clients who tell me that they have trouble with reading, spelling or math because they have ADHD. Years ago, when I started giving workshops to parents with ADHD children, many reacted angrily because their child was taking stimulant medication for ADHD, and focused well, but still didn't read. Often, stimulant medication helps a child become more alert and read, spell and do math because of better focus. But more often ADHD children and adults have difficulty reading per se and can't concentrate because of this difficulty.. They may have ADHD as well, but in the case of reading, they need a reading tutor. I have found that some adults with ADHD were doing well at their jobs. But, when they changed to another job requiring higher level math or more complex reading, they had difficulty. Fortunately, nowadays, there is technology to enhance academic skills.

We all have learning strengths and weaknesses. I have ADHD, but I also have poor spatial skills. If I was asked to put together a box or table, I couldn't do it. Though I can read well, I have poor spatial abilities. Regardless of how long I take. I still need someone else to show me, or just do the task without me. I've accepted my limitations, and realize that while, as an ADDer my patience is short, I still lack s kills in certain areas.

Therefore, as a child or adult with ADHD, you need to check out whether your difficulties are due to ADD or some kind of learning problem.

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