Monday, February 23, 2009


In working with a family with an ADHD child, the family was totally against the use of common stimulants. They were afraid of their child becoming a 'zombie'. Even though I told them that while that was possible, the effect was not probable.

I remember reading years ago that there was a lower incidence of ADHD in England, which was thought to be due to children drinking tea all day. I do'?t think this hypothesis proved viable, but I asked the family if they wanted to try caffeinated tea instead. They readily agreed, and later reported positive results.

Recently, a lab technician I coached had tried all the available stimulants at different doses, but found poor results. He's a regular coffee user, but only had coffee in the morning. He d etermined the times of the day that he loses concentration, and I suggested that he take a cup of coffee right before the time he has to concentrate. Although caffeine lasts a short time, it did help him accomplish the task at home. Of course, there are problems with high caffeine intake, but reportedly, it has known cardiovascular benefits.

Have you ever tried caffeine at various times of the day, when you need to focus and not be distractible? Does it work?

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