Tuesday, April 14, 2009


Unless you are an ADDer, you can't imagine how differently one can function in a structured versus an unstructured environment. At work, where I coach ADDers and treat a variety of clients, I am so focused and not easily distracted, that no one would guess I'm an ADDer. It seems that I must exhibit my positive ADD traits, such as spontaneity and humor.

However, on an unstructured non-work day such as today, many negative facets of my ADD brain style become evident. For example, I bought a book for a friend about how to stay young even through your 80's. Thank goodness I looked more carefully at the cover before mailing it, and read ' if you're in your 50's'. She's only 37, so I'm glad I finally paid attention to that detail. Then, I pulled out of a parking space, and someone yelled to me that the splash cover in front of my car was dragging on the ground. Evidently, when I pulled in I didn't notice that I had run over a stone barrier. I had to find a gas station with a mechanic (not an easy matter) and call the lawyer I was supposed to meet, that I'd be delayed (Of course he charges for the time slot).

After the lawyer, I stopped off at my house; and without paying attention, I left my pocketbook (which is generally kept in the trunk of my car) in the house. I rushed off to a coffee shop to relax with my latte. But I couldn't pay for it because my pocketbook was home, so I went home, retrieved it, and then went back.These are only a few of my highlights of an unstructured day. They happen to non-ADDers as well, but usually not frequently, and usually not in a series of inattentive events. If you are an ADDer, do you have a series of'?spacey' experiences on an unstructured day? Do you avoid this pattern with stimulant medication?

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