Monday, September 6, 2010

Another Bad Day for The ADD Coach

Since I coach and counsel a lot of ADDers, I have had to determine what makes for my ADD to be worse in my daily life. I found that I get internally distracted and forgetful, particularly at the end of the day when I’m tired due to focusing, or even hyperfocusing, on clients. Afterwards I get so spacey, that often I make several mistakes, some of them serious. My spaciness also occurs when I’m not busy. So yesterday I went to Target to buy a bunch of things. When I got to the parking lot, I said to myself, “ Don’t forget to put all the things in the car”. So, I did, and then went to get gas. I reached for my credit card, which is in my pocketbook, but my pocketbook wasn’t there!. I realized that I must have left it in the Target parking lot in the cart, while I was focusing on getting all the things I bought into the car. I zoomed back, and it wasn’t there. Amazingly, when I went to Customer Service, the clerk informed me that a customer found it in the cart and brought it in to the store. Nothing, including the money, was missing. I was really very lucky.

I should have known that something significant would happen that day, because before I went to Target, I went To a coffee house , bought a latte’ and left it on the counter, along with my change purse.

If you are an adult ADDer, when do you get spacey? I don’t take stimulant medication. Do you?

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Anonymous said...

You need a money belt or neck sachet bag to hang around your neck for your wallet and keys.Other stuff keep in handbag---...Also have checkoff list on heavy cardboard Permanent in car--Checkoff things before you start car.