Monday, August 9, 2010


As a clinical psychologist who counsels and coaches ADDers, I often come across clients who already have been diagnosed with OCD and\or General Anxiety Disorder. They take appropriate psychiatric medications for the two latter disorders, but still exhibit classic behaviors of AD(H)D, which have not been treated. I checked with a psychiatrist on one case, who agreed with my diagnosis of ADHD and considered stimulants. However, the client was still very anxious, although still on anti-anxiety medications, and a stimulant could make her more anxious. Thus it was important to wait until her anxiety was attenuated. The client was ready to proceed with stimulant medication, but understood the issue involved.

What can be done with medications when there are several conditions coexisting with ADHD? In the meantime, I try to work on strategies for the behavioral issues associated with ADHD.

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