Monday, October 12, 2009

Coaching Challenges For The ADHD Coach

ADD coaching presents a number of problems simply because the same issues occur in the coaching process that occur in the every day life of the ADDer. They include the failure to initiate or complete goals, forgetfulness, poor task management and organizational skills, and procrastination. It is important to realize that often the ADDer requires negative contingencies to enhance their arousal level and follow through with task demands. In the coaching situation, the main negative consequence is financial, since the coaching fee for the month is paid for in advance. However, with young adults, particularly college students, parents typically pay for the service so that the ADDer may not be accountable, even to parents. ADDers can fail to show up for appointments or be late, in which case there needs to be rules and consequences in the initial contract, for this issue and others.

What does the coach do if the ADDer meets on time, does not miss appointments but fails to reach a particular goal? Then it is important to determine why the goal was not reached. Often the goal was not specific enough or too long-range, or not as important as the coach and ADDer thought. Also, from a holistic perspective, non-ADD factors such as other personality variables should be examined.

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