Thursday, October 29, 2009

ADHDer: Overfocusing and Stimulant Medication

br>I’ve talked about overfocusing when an ADDer tried stimulant medication. I’m finding this problem more and more with my ADD coaching clients. One recently reported about creating E-mails for his staff, a task usually done in a few minutes. On stimulants, which generally enhanced his focus at work, he found that he was spending over an hour perfecting one E-mail. In other words, he was hyperfocusing when he didn’t want to. Similarly, another client on stimulant medications was doing much better in terms of focused concentration on his schoolwork, but was not paying much attention to the impact on his spouse of his inattention to her. Also, he wants to be an entrepreneur and needs to absorb many bits of information at the same time, and not be overfocused on one task.

Are there any ADDers out there who find that they overfocus with stimulant medications?

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