Wednesday, August 12, 2009

An ADHD Wedding

In April of this year, my ADHD son became engaged to a lovely ADHD young woman. At first they decided to avoid stress and elope. I said,”No way, I want to see you two married”, So next they picked a wedding date in October 2010. The date had to be 10/10/10 because it sounded nice. In the meantime, despite limited financial resources, they look for a rooftop wedding. Last week he called me and said we’re getting married 01/10 10. (What’s this with the magic number ten?) “Why wait until October and spend the next 20 months planning and organizing? It’s much too stressful.” I said, “Fine”. Not surprising to me that ADDers avoid long term planning. He wanted to have 80 people at a weekend brunch and then fly off to Costa Rica for 10 days.

Then the other day he called and said, “Only immediate family-12 people,” and his fiancé wanted a rabbi to marry them. She’s Irish- Catholic and he’s Jewish. He could just as easily have a Buddhist marry them instead of a rabbi; he really doesn’t care. A rabbi would be nice for our family, but I know that they’d probably be too impatient to sit through a religious service and meet with a rabbi (and we would have to find one that would perform an interfaith marriage). So whoever married them was fine with me.

Yesterday he said that his older brother and family couldn’t make it for that date, so the marriage was now scheduled for Saturday night, 01/30/10 and they’ll fly off to Costa Rica Sunday morning.

Today they came over for lunch and decided on a Sunday brunch—scrap Saturday night. I told them that my other son’s family had to get plane tickets. Were they sure about the latest plan? “Absolutely”, they said. And what about the rest of the weekend? “The two mothers will probably work it out…whatever…we just want to get to Costa Rica “.

I’m wondering what the next change in plans will be!

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