Saturday, August 29, 2009

An ADHD Wedding - Part 2

In the last blog, I described how my ADHD son and his ADHD fiancé became engaged and “planned” a wedding and wedding date. They finally settled on January 30,2010. It is to be a very small wedding with close family members. My older son in Washington, D.C. told me he’s not getting airline tickets until the last moment because they can continue to change the date.

Sure enough, I got a telephone call that one of the key family members can not make that day because he will be away. Should they have checked before deciding the date which they said was “set in stone”? Sure, but they didn’t, and set the new date for Jan.14, 2010.

We’re all waiting for the next new date and new plan for the wedding. Right now the plan is to have a small Sunday brunch , and then they’re off to Costa Rica. Sounds good to us.

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