Wednesday, April 22, 2009


These days, many ADDers take stimulant medication but find it is not sufficient to accomplish their challenging tasks. I see ADDers who are seeking out coaching for ADD in my office for the first time. A few, who have been diagnosed ADD, are found to have problems not associated with ADD. They may have chronic illness or a recent trauma or Asperger's syndrome, which are more challenging for them, than the ADD they have, so that coaching for ADD would not be useful.

Of those who have ADD, there is tremendous variability in terms of which symptoms or behaviors they need help with. Some like me are less concerned about impulsivity( because I am spontaneous at the same time) than initiating a task. Others have problems finishing a task even though they have many other ADD behaviors. Still others are easily distractible or easily bored with tedious tasks, so strategies like studying with environmental stimulation ( such as music are e recommended And then there are the self-destructive risk takers who take drugs and do other risk-taking activities.All ADDers may have a similar cluster of symptoms, but they want to work on those that are interfering with their functioning. So coaches must individualize strategies.


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