Monday, September 22, 2008

Takes One to Know One!

I am a practicing clinical psychologist who works with AD(H)D children, adolescents, and adults helping them develop strategies for optimum functioning with their brain style. I have lived my whole life with AD(H)D, and despite all the challenges, I am still married to the same person, and have raised two sons , one of whom is classically ADHD. Completing my doctoral dissertation was arduous, to say the least. But I did it!

For many years, as an evaluator and therapist, I had to be on time, be very attentive( especially to details) and not be easily distracted. It turns out, that since I love what I’m doing at work, like many other ADHDers, I can focus on others very easily. But I did need someone to organize me and keep me on task.

Along the way I became a specialist in ADHD and helped many individuals, couples and parents to accept their brain style and accomplish their goals in accordance with the way their brains work.. I have even developed a coaching practice for adults with ADD, with or without the H, and thoroughly enjoy doing this.

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