Monday, September 22, 2008

Living with an AD(H)D Brainstyle

I have lived my whole life with an AD(H)D brain, and it hasn’t been easy, but I’ve learned quite a lot personally and professionally about this brain style. To tell you what it’s like now, it was extremely hard to start writing this blog without any deadline or pressure… even though I wanted to do so. I’m hoping to share with you my daily challenges as well as my experiences as a clinical psychologist treating and coaching AD(H)D individuals, couples and families who have difficulty dealing with AD(H)D offspring.

I would like this blog to be interactional so that I can learn from your experience as an ADDer: what strategies you use, and whether or not you take medication for this brain style. Also, if you have questions I can answer from my experiences, I would enjoy helping you. Likewise, I can really benefit from any reactions you have to my blogs. Remember, ADD. or ADHD. has great positives as well as great negatives!

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