Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Is Julie in 'Julie/Julia' Movie an ADHDer?

In this movie, Julie announces that she has ADD because when she started to do a task in a variety of career areas, she never reached any meaningful goal, and left tasks in the middle. She finds a true passion (to complete all five hundred+ recipes in Julia Child’s, Mastering the Art of French Cooking in a year) and decides to blog about a recipe she makes every night. She is persistent, and despite practically losing her marriage, she becomes successful. Why? First, because she is working on a short -term basis as well as having a long-range plan. Second, because she has committed herself to her husband and friends, and many friends stop by along the way to reinforce her. She dropped the ADD notion and kept going. There was not enough information in the movies to take a guess if she had ADD, but I think that it’s useful to apply her struggle to that of an ADDer.

Some ADDers can be successful entrepreneurs ( See my last blog) without stimulants because they have a passion. But Julie also had a negative stimulant in that she was accountable to a number of people and not finishing would be a terrible embarrassment.

Interestingly, I have ADHD and have a passion for coaching and counseling ADDers and feel I’m doing well in this field. But I also have a passion for writing and stopped after beginning several books because of the lack of negative consequences. Further, I’m passionate about writing blogs and have a number of interesting ideas, but there are no serious consequences if I don’t write blogs more often. And it’s hard to initiate the actual task. So I don’t take stimulants and do the best I can.

What about you, If you are an ADDer.? I think you have to start with a passion, short-term goals, ongoing support and possibly have negative consequences if you don’t complete you plan.

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