Wednesday, June 24, 2009

ADDers Thrive in Stimulating Situations

ADDers do well in stimulating and novel situations. As an ADDer who coaches, I love to travel to new and exciting places. Just returned from a 2 week trip to Turkey, and strongly recommend traveling to the ADDer. Of course I’m back now to a fairly routine life, and miss the recent experience. It’s quite a “downer” after experiencing an ”upper” state.

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Dana said...

Question: How do you deal with the hassles of traveling while traveling? Little things like keeping control of your passport and your other stuff?

On my recent trip I found a great deal of anxiety on that score. When I had previously traveled with my wife, who does not have ADD, I was comforted knowing she could handle those details.

But when you're alone or (worse) with another ADD'er, little things like this can drive you mad.