Friday, May 15, 2009

Science News Addressing Concentration in the ADDer

It looks like there’s new technology on the horizon for the ADDer. Read the Science/ Medical Section of the Tuesday NY Times entitled “Ear Plugs to Lasers: The Science of Concentration”.

Scientists at M.I.T. are trying to enhance attention by sending pulses of laser light to an ear plug. The scientists point out that if this ultimately works to improve concentration in the ADDer, it would have fewer side effects than the use of stimulant medication. You would be wearing a device like a hearing aid.

Until the technology comes out, they recommend that you do one task to completion, preferably for 90 minutes, first thing in the morning, then take a 20 minute break (you can do other activities during this break) until the brain is ready to “boot up” and focus in on one other important task.. We ADDers are used to multitasking at all times, and only complete a portion of all the tasks (like reading one chapter of a book, and never going back to it). While multitasking can be a strength for us, it often becomes a weakness. So I think that multi-tasking only during breaks makes good sense.

What is your opinion of the Times article? If you don’t finish reading it, I’d still like to know whether or not you find multitasking a strength or weakness. Be sure to consult with your coach.

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