Monday, November 24, 2008


Sundays for me and other ADDers are difficult if there are no plans except for relaxing. This Sunday is a repeat of last Sunday, except that I had planned socialization with friends. I still had too much time on my hands today and no friends to meet. Now last Sunday, I left my cell phone somewhere and the rest of the time was filled up searching all over the city for it. Today, I decided to walk several miles on the track near me, but it was freezing here, so I hesitated. I didn’t feel like going to the gym and followed my negative feelings about it and didn’t go. Well, I did go to the track later in the day for a short time. Then fortunately, I realized that I lost my AMEX card yesterday at lunch on the opposite side of the city, which filled up a lot of time to retrieve it. As it is, I lose credit cards periodically. I should follow the directives I use in coaching, and keep track of important items such as credit cards even if losing and retrieving them saves the day!.

Imagine how hard it is for an ADDer to structure leisure time. So now I’m taking the time to write my experience today in a blog. Thank God I had lost that card. Like you, I should plan the day better. As it is, I’m under a lot of stress making a Thanksgiving for out- of- towners who will stay for the whole weekend, and the stress exacerbated my ADD inattention and spaciness. Interestingly the stress came from hyperfocusing on all the plans I had to make for this coming week, thereby neglecting the planning for the here and now. Also, I find that I waste a lot of time being “paralyzed” because I can’t make a decision about what to do or what I should do, I think that those with an ADD-brain style need to plan how to spend a day of unstructured time and not be anxious how to spend it when that time comes. Importantly, pick something to do so you don’t spend an unstructured day unable to decide what you should or want to do.

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