Friday, October 31, 2008


There are many facets to attention: coming to attention, focusing on a task, attending to details, and sustaining attention. Many ADDers have difficulty with one or more of these attentional components. I continue to have difficulty paying attention to details. For example, within the last few days, I dropped my car keys in the middle of a town square. Fortunately they were retrieved by a cop. Then. I misread the details on a cell phone bill, and went in complaining to the cell phone store, only to be told that clearly I didn’t correctly read the bill . A day later, I couldn’t find my cell phone at home and called the last people I visited to see if they found it. They undertook a major search. I then found that the phone was in my house but on vibrate so I couldn’t call it. Today, I asked for utensils from a waiter in the restaurant, and they were in my lap. And so forth… Do you have this perennial problem?

Many people with this difficulty find that stimulant medication helps them attend to details on specific tasks, but not on activities they’re not working on. What do you do then? I suggest for myself and others , at least with important such as car keys, cell phones, parking places, that you need to check and rehearse in your mind where these items or places are. Or put them in the same place every time to avoid some of your attentional difficulties. Don’t sweat the less important things, like going in to an expensive restaurant and ordering food you can’t afford, because you didn’t read the menu well outside. You need to delete these things from your mind… and let them go, or you’ll forever be annoyed with yourself.

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